Илтгэлүүд - 2012
Монголын эдийн засгийн чуулганы нээлтийн ажиллагаанд Хүндэт зочин Лорд Уэвэрлигийн хэлсэн үг

In a world full of gloom, it is refreshing to be visiting Mongolia, a country where there is much optimism and opportunity for the future. Mongolia represents a country that is set to become one of the world’s fastest growing. Youreconomic, civil and political well-being in this emergent region of strategic significance is of imperative importance to the United Kingdom and the world at large, and within the region, Mongolia has caught the attention of forward-thinkers as a key actor and we, as friends, would welcome any opportunity to help deliver on your goals.


We are all too aware that many differing global interests are beating a path to Ulaanbaatar but please allow me to underline that the United Kingdom’s commitment and desire to be your partner is undeniable.


Prime Minister, Ladies and Gentleman, I am proud to be able to announce formally five initiatives at today’s Mongolian Economic Forum, and in so doing request ofGovernment to find favour and lend your support to allow them to move forward. As the West appreciates more increasingly the ascendency of the East, so Eurasia plays a pivotal role as a multi-directional land bridge between powerful regions. These initiatives, whilst being regional in nature, should be interpreted as being in partnership particularly with our friends in Mongolia; all the more reason why I am delighted to announce them here.


In no particular order of importance, and building on the Parliamentary agreement between our two Parliaments that listed ten points for immediate cooperation; firstly the formation of a permanent New Silk Road Forum to be based in the City of London; secondly, an initiative that addresses infrastructure financing to those countries around the world that meet criteria, thirdly, continuing support in development of cooperation in taxation and investment models to attract inward investment and finally, and by no means least, outline specific initiatives that are being organized to ensure that Mongolia’s voice is heard in the United Kingdom Parliament and beyond, to the Congress of the United States and the European Parliament.Kindly allow me a moment to expand briefly on each.


The New Silk Road Forum is a newly formed non-profit, self-funded organisation which seeks to promote the development of links between governments, international financial institutions, corporates and professions of various disciplines with the "New Silk Road" countries. This will promote a better understanding of the growth and potential of enterprise with your fast growing nations.


The New Silk Forum will act to fulfil its objectives by establishing expert Working Groups by sector and provide an environment for dialogue with far-reaching relevance and importance to the "New Silk Road". We will be hosting an Annual Forum, at which the Working Groups will present their findings and allowing participants networking and relationship opportunities. Please know this; this will be a gatheringof equal partners searching for mutual benefit.

Secondly, I had it said once to mein high quarter in Ulaanbaatar that for Mongolia to fulfil its potential and the development of essential infrastructure to facilitate that economic growth, including the support of social and environmental goals, then mechanisms to attract that investment would become vital. One of the great challenges for Governments is putting in place reliable funding models so that they attract the financing needed to pay for the construction of that infrastructure. Sosecondly, I confirm a new initiative that was launched in the House of Lords to address the broad issues of infrastructure investment. The Global Infrastructure Financing initiative will harness the strength and experience of the City of London to assist countries meet infrastructure development aims with certain Governments around the world; merging the funding contributions of Government with financing from the private sector.

We have gathered a body of information which governments will wish to consider when faced with the complexities of proposed infrastructure projects. AGuide to Global Infrastructure Development and Fundingis to be produced which will address the need for soundly based, financed, funded and implemented infrastructure programmes.

Participants in this group include banks, financial advisors, lawyers and firms in the construction, hydro-carbon and mining sectors. The experience and support systems to be drawn upon within these firms will be available to assist with the analysis and development of successful financing and funding models for key infrastructure projects. Pilot projects in key countries representing each continent are planned, with unanimity that Mongolia should be encouraged to become the Asian representative.

The Washington DC based International Tax and Investment Centre, of which I am Co-chairman, will continue to conduct a parallel activity to develop guidance on appropriate tax and economic law reforms in order to improve overall investment climate, whichin turnattracts foreign investment and create economic the growth.

I wish now to turn to the challenge of bringing about exposure and understanding of the internal issues of importance to our friends in the countries of Eurasia. So the third initiative is for an Internet based newsletter entitled Eurasia Dispatch that will contain policy positions and opinions of Government within the Eurasia region and articles by invitation. Eurasia Dispatch is to be distributed to every individual member of the United States Congress, the United Kingdom Parliament, the European Parliament and including representatives of key media.

Finally, Prime Minister, when last in Mongolia I had the honour to sign a parliamentary cooperation agreement between the IkhHural and the All Party Parliamentary Group of the United Kingdom. This addressed a missing link in the bilateral relationship; an opportunity to enable first hand understanding of each other’s perspectives. The MOU set out guiding principles recognizing the desire to strengthen parliamentary cooperation and commitment to political, economic and social understanding, and development. We addressed a range of activities including for example regional stability, water resource and the need to deepen economic development, trade and inward investment. Our activities stretch way beyond and we shortly for example turn our mind to other issues such as health.

So fourthly, in moving the spirit of the MOU forward, I have agreed with your Embassy in London for a date set this year whereby Mongolia will have its day in the United Kingdom parliament. It would be my hope that a Minister from Ulaanbaatar might be minded to join us which would certainly assist us in the process of understanding Mongolia’s priorities.

And when that time comes, I shall be presenting, and so this is the fifth and final initiative that I offer at today’s Economic Forum, a specially prepared 2 hour internet based production in Mongolian on how and why the United Kingdom parliament operates in the way that it does; this as testament to the priority we in the United Kingdom place on our relationship with Mongolia, and to that end I bring the good wishes of my colleagues in Parliament.

In conclusion, recent endeavours by London and Eurasian states have recognized and prioritized the need for renewed impetus to deepen our relationship. Engagementis essential but it is clear to me that the foundations for the land bridge are now well in place. The launch of these initiatives I have announced today strengthens the framework for dialogue and relationship building. Your ancestors connected the East to the West; we come back to you as committed friends. It is now a New Game, and a positive one.